Summer in Whistler is a bustling affair with summer sightseeing, on-mountain dining, the bike park, hiking, the highest suspension bridge in North America and a new Umbrella Bar.

The Fitzsimmons Zone (aka the Fitz Zone) is the original Whistler Bike Park zone, originally opening to the public in 1999 with all five difficulty levels represented. The Fitz Zone is where the infamous A-Line trail is located, as well as all three Skill Centres and the Joyride Jump Park and the Boneyard Slopestyle Park. The Fitz Zone features a trail to suit every rider and is situated on the lower slope of the Park from Whistler Village up to the Olympic Station at 1000m (3,300ft).
Fitzsimmons Zone Trail Breakdown: 48 Trails
* 6 Green/Beginner
* 19 Blue/Intermediate
* 10 Black/Advanced
* 11 Double Black/Expert
* 2 Red/Pro Line
Fitzsimmons Zone Vertical: 344m / 1,132ft
Lift Access: Fitzsimmons Chair and the Whistler Village Gondola
Fitzsimmons Zone Trail Map »
The Garbanzo Zone was opened to the public in 2004 to complement the original Fitzsimmons Zone, adding an additional 2,700 feet of new vertical to the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Higher, steeper and more rugged than its predecessor, the Garbanzo Zone may well be the perfect height – not too high to hit the thin air of the high alpine but high enough to keep summer temperatures cool and comfortable for riders. From the tangled roots of single track on In Deep or Goat’s Gully to the berms and jumps of Freight Train, this zone is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders and guaranteed to thrill everytime.
Garbanzo Zone Trail Breakdown: 18 Trails
* 0 Green/Beginner
* 2 Blue/Intermediate
* 11 Black/Advanced
* 4 Double Black/Expert
* 1 Red/Pro Line
Garbanzo Zone Vertical: 816m / 2,723ft
Lift Access: Garbanzo Chair and the Whistler Village Gondola
Garbanzo Zone Trail Map »
The Peak Zone is a mind blowing experience which takes the flow the Whistler Mountain Bike Park is famous for and drops it on the Peak of Whistler Mountain. Opened in 2010 with some of the world's best riding set against the granite spires of the Coast Mountain Range, the Top of the World trail is the pinnacle of alpine riding.
Beginning at the top of the Peak Chair on Whistler Mountain, the Top of the World trail takes riders through Whistler's insane alpine environment on tacky smooth single track filled with built up berms, switchback corners and fun flowy descents along the way. The trail winds its way down the back side of Whistler Mountain, dipping into areas not even open for skiing in the winter. It bisects Highway 86 and rolls along the Peak to Creek ski run before cutting back over to Highway 86 where it joins into the Garbanzo Zone.
Peak Zone Trail Breakdown: 2 Trails
* 0 Green/Beginner
* 0 Blue/Intermediate
* 2 Black/Advanced
* 0 Double Black/Expert
* 0 Red/Pro Line
Peak Zone Vertical: 347m / 1,091ft
Lift Access: Peak Chair
Peak Zone Trail Map »
The latest chapter in the on-going development of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park begins with the opening of the Creekside Gondola to mountain bikers.
The summer of 2018 sees 5 brand new trails come online in the Creekside Zone, including:
* 3 berm-filled intermediate flow trails: Southpark, Earth Circus and Insomia.
* An intermediate tech trail, Midgard, that starts part way down the Garbanzo Zone, near where Top of the World meets up with No Joke for a more direct access point to the top of Southpark from the higher zones.
* An advanced-level, hand-built single track trail, Delayed Fuse, will take riders looking for some more advanced riding from the top of Southpark to the Insomnia/Earth Circus/BC’s junction.
The pre-existing BC’s Trail will continue to be a part of the Bike Park, however Dusty’s Downhill has been decommissioned in favour of our new and much improved trails.
 Creek Zone Trail Breakdown:  Trails
* 0 Green/Beginner
* 3 Blue/Intermediate
* 5 Black/Advanced
* 0 Double Black/Expert
* 0 Red/Pro Line
PeaPeak Zone Vertical: 647m / 2,122ft
Lift Access: Creekside Gondola
The Air Dome is an 8,400 square foot covered indoor bike training facility with a huge foam pit and wooden ramps. The Air Dome offers jump progression from 2' high jump ramps to 26' Quarter Pipes with options for riders of all abilities. Dirt Jump, Slopestyle, Downhill and BMX bikes are all welcome on the ramps and in the foam pit. Riders can take their skills to the next level using any of the three jumps into the foam pit regardless of whether it is learning basic straight air or technical back flips. Spectators are also welcome to visit the Air Dome and watch the action. The Air Dome is located in Lot 8 on Blackcomb Mountain.
Air Dome »
Length: 1.6km (1mi); 60 minutes (loop)
Elevation Change: 30m (98ft)
Two loops of single track trail at the top of the Peak Express wind their way around the summit of Whistler Mountain.
Length: 0.6km (0.4mi); 10 minutes one-way
Elevation change: 55m (180ft)
A wide, easy trail providing two-way access from the Roundhouse Lodge to the Peak Express.
Length: 1.2km (0.7mi); 15 minutes (loop)
Elevation change: 20m (66ft)
Easy walk connecting Harmony Lake Trail with premium views of Blackcomb Mountain, Garibaldi Provincial Park and the Spearhead Range.
Length 2.5km (1.6mi) to Harmony Lake;  60-90 minutes return
Elevation change: 130m (427ft)
This trail descends through alpine forests while travelling away from the Roundhouse Lodge.
Length 1.1km (0.7mi); 30-60 minutes one-way
Elevation change: 80m (262ft)
Views of Fitzsimmons Valley and Harmony Lake. A steep descent connects hikers to the Roundhouse Lodge from the High Note Trail and Harmony Lake Trails.
Length: 9.4km (5.8mi) 3-4 hours (loop)
Elevation change: 258m (902 ft)
This hike starts behind the Inukshuk at the top of the Peak Express Chairlift. Hikers enjoy stunning views of Black Tusk and Cheakamus Lake as they descend through rugged terrain that mellows into rolling slopes.
Length: 1.2km (0.7mi); 30-60 minutes one-way
Elevation change: 220m (722 ft) at High Note Junction
The Half Note Trails offers a shortened route from the High Note Trail which connects with Pika’s Traverse back to the Roundhouse Lodge
Length: 2.3km (1.4mi); 1.5 – 2 hours (one-way)
Elevation change: 270m (886 ft)
This mountain road leads hikers to the Harmony Tea Hut and is used to return from the Half Note Trail to Roundhouse Lodge. There are some steep sections.
Length: 1.7km (1.1mi); 40 minutes (one-way)
Elevation change: 130m (427ft)
This mountain road starts at the Saddle and is used as an alternate route between Roundhouse Lodge and High Note Trail.
Length: 0.9km (0.6mi); 45 minutes (one-way)
Elevation change: 80m (262ft)
Enjoy panoramic views along this mountain road from the summit of Whistler Mountain.
Length: 1.6km (0.1mi); 60 minutes round loop
Elevation change: 65m (213ft)
A gentle walking loop leading away from the Rendezvous Lodge with spectacular views of Fitzsimmons Valley through sub-alpine forest.
Length: 3.7km (2.3mi); 60-90 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 62m (203ft)
Stretching into Garibaldi Provincial Park, this two-way trail is used as the main connecting route to all of Blackcomb’s hiking trails. Wildflowers, amazing views of Overlord Glacier and many alpine lakes with glacier run offs can be enjoyed.
Length: 1.1km (0.7mi); 15 to 30 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 235m (771ft)
Hike through sub-alpine, old growth forest with potential wildlife sightings. Note this trail is only open during summer glacier skiing and riding, no return hiking trail is available.
Length: 1.1km (0.7mi); 30-60 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 174m (571ft)
This trail is recommended for uphill hiking and takes hikers from below the tree line up to the high alpine. Accessed by Overlord trail.
Length: 1.3km (0.8mi); 30-60 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 43m (141ft)
It is recommended to hike this loop clock-wise. A short climb takes hikers to a rich area of wildflowers with Blackcomb Lake nestled below the peak of Blackcomb Mountain.
Length: 1.8km (1.1mi); 45-75 minutes (one way)
Elevation change: 134m  (440ft)
This trail connects with Overlord Trail and is the best hiking experience on Blackcomb Mountain. Start by hiking clockwise up and into Garibaldi Provincial Park with views of ancient mountain peaks, the Overlord Glacier and the Decker Tarn—a glacial alpine lake.
BLACKCOMB ASCENT TRAILS - closed for construction - open summer 2019
Little Burn
Length: 0.8km (0.5mi); 30 minutes
Elevation Change: 74m (243ft)
Big Burn
Length: 2.2km (1.4mi); 75 minutes
Elevation Change: 494m (1621ft)
Heart Burn
Length: 3.1km (1.9mi); 1 hour 45 minutes
Elevation Change: 607m (1991ft)